• Catering Luncheon

    • Caramelized walnut spinach salad

      Caramelized walnut spinach salad

      $6.99 per guest

      Baby spinach, walnuts, strawberries, cran-raisins, chopped apples, feta cheese, mandarin  oranges and with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

    • Angel hair pasta salad

      Angel hair pasta salad

      $6.99 per guest

      Romaine lettuce tossed with angel hair pasta, capers, Bermuda onion,  tomatoes, artichoke hearts and feta cheese accompanied by a balsamic  vinaigrette dressing.

    • Honey Roasted Waldorf Chicken Salad

      $9.99 per guest

      Baby spinach tossed with feta cheese, cran-raisins, Bermuda onion, honey roasted chicken salad and chopped apples.

    • Vegetable tri colored pasta

      $6.99 per guest

      Tri-colored pasta tossed with buttermilk ranch, cheddar cheese, sweet  peas, tomatoes, golden corn kernels, Bermuda onions and broccoli florets.

    • Traditional Caesar salad

      Traditional Caesar salad

      $6.99 per guest

      Served with shaved parmesan cheese and garlicky challah croutons.

    • Greek salad

      Greek salad

      $6.99 per guest

      Shredded romaine lettuce, feta cheese, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, Bermuda onions, black olives and topped with a balsamic glaze reduction



      $8.99 per person

      Your choice of sandwiches includes a gourmet mini black and white cookie, your choice of side: red bliss potato salad, crisp sweet coleslaw, fruit cup or baked lays.

      *All dressing for sandwiches is on the side.

      guest add a can of soda/bottled water $1.50

      honey roasted walnut chicken salad wrap

      albacore tuna on hearty wheat

      chunky egg in bagel

      smoked white fish on bagel (2.00 upcharge)

      Hummus Israeli wrap

      veggie burst on bagel

      fresh sliced smoked salmon bagel

      roasted turkey on hearty wheat

      Waldorf chicken wrap

      turkey and cheese stuffed knish

      lean corned beef on rye

      spiced pastrami on pumpernickel rye

      Mediterranean eggplant wrap

      oven roasted turkey cali bagel

      rare roast beef on bialy

      chicken parmasen wrap

      chicken club wrap

      turkey ham on croissant

      oven roasted turkey club

      skinny blt

      skinny turkey avocado


      Mini bagel dogs 15 person min Served with ketchup and mustard.

      3 per person $2.99 per guest

      Mini sweet meatballs “Amazing”

      $2.99 per guest (4 meatballs per guest)

      Mini potato knish

      $.99 per guest(1 per guest)


      $4.99 per guest

      Egg and cheese bagel sandwiches, homefries: 4.99 per guest

      Egg and cheese bagel sandwiches with applewood bacon or turkey sausage and homefries: 6.99 per guest


      $11.99 per guest

      Double mashed potatoes, gravy, tender delicious meat loaf and rolls plus butter, includes a ceasar salad.


      $9.99 per guest

      albacore tuna, egg salad, smoked whitefish salad, plain cream cheese, chunky nova cream schmear, garnished with romaine, tomato, sweet Bermuda onion slices, lemon flowers, accompanied by bagels, bialys & rye bread add in a bowl of boiled eggs. $1.00 per guest


      $11.99 per guest

      Mediterranean egg plant wraps, grilled chicken wraps, California turkey wraps, Fresh fruit bowl includes one “go green salad”


      $8.99 per guest

      Garlic bread, three cheese baked ziti or tri-colored pasta alfredo bake and shaved parmesan cheese topped Caesar salad.


      $13.99 per guest

      Nova and jumbo smoked white fish served with sliced Bermuda onion, tomatoes, capers, lemons flowers, plain and chive cream cheese and kettle baked bagels.

      Jumbo white fish available for platter of 20 or more otherwise it is white fish salad.

      Add in albacore tuna and egg salad for $3.99 per guest

      Add in a bowl of hard boiled eggs for $1.00 per guest.


      $10.99 per guest

      A spectacular meat platter of first cut meats: Lean corned beef, spiced pastrami, smoked turkey ham, oven roasted turkey and rare roast beef, romaine, Bermuda onions, sliced tomatoes, black olives, 1000 Island dressing, mayonnaise and brown mustard, bialys, rye bread,, eggnot rolls, hearty wheat and bagels.

      Includes crisp sweet coleslaw, red bliss potato salad and mini potato knishes

      Add in Swiss, provolone and American cheese $2.00 per guest

      Add in chopped chicken liver plus vegetable crudité $2.99 per guest


      Feeds 10-15 hungry folks Giant kettle baked everything bagel topped with romaine, sliced tomato and Bermuda onion, Swiss, American, provolone cheese, rare roast beef and oven roasted turkey. $49.99 per bagel sandwich

      Albacore tuna giant bagel sandwich $44.99 per bagel sandwich

      Chunky egg salad bagel sandwich $39.99 per bagel sandwich


      $11.99 per guest

      (10 guest minimum)

      Your choice of 1 entrée

      Herb encrusted chicken topped with roasted vegetables and wild rice

      Egg plant chevre stuffed with roasted vegetables

      Herb encrusted salmon with Israeli cous cous

      Asian black sesame salmon with israeli cous cous

      Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes

      Vegetable lasagna or meat lasagna

      Chicken picatta on a bed of angel hair pasta

      Chicken marsala on a bed of angel hair pasta

      Chicken parmesan on a bed of angel hair pasta

      Egg plant parmesan on a bed of angel hair pasta

      Your choice of Salad: Caesar, Angel hair pasta salad, Greek Salad, Caramelized walnut spinach salad, tri-colored pasta salad

      Your choice of Starch: Challa rolls/garlic rolls, Garlic Bread


      $9.99 per guest

      Assorted bite-size sandwiches on mini croissants, rye bread, egg knot rolls, petite bagelettes, assorted flavored wraps, & mini bialys, topped with oven roasted turkey, rare roast beef, lean corned beef, hard salami, spiced pastrami, smoked turkey ham, albacore tuna, egg salad, honey roasted walnut chicken salad, assorted cheeses, sliced tomatoes & sweet Bermuda onion, garnished with fresh fruit.

      Includes a gourmet salad of your choice:

      caramelized walnut spinach salad, angel hair pasta salad, greek salad, tri-colored pasta salad.

      Plus mini desserts, 2 per person (off New Yorker platter) add $1.99 per guest

      Plus additional salad from “salad extravaganza” add $1.99 per guest

      Plus Waldorf Honey Roasted Chicken Salad add $2.99 per guest


      $3.99 per guest

      Assorted mini pastries: mini black & whites, raspberry linzer tarts, peanut butter buckeyes, marzipan almond horns, fudge brownie squares, garnished with chocolate covered strawberries.