• Breakfast

    • Skinny Egg White Delight

      Skinny Egg White Delight


      Egg white omelet stuffed with vegetables. 189 calories

    • Skinny Classic BLT

      Skinny Classic BLT


      Applewood smoked bacon, romaine, tomato, basil aioli.

    • Skinny Veggie Tuna

      Skinny Veggie Tuna


      Albacore tuna, spinach, tomato and sweet Bermuda onion. 300 Calories

    • Skinny Turkey Avocado

      Skinny Turkey Avocado


      Oven roasted turkey, basil aioli, avocado, spinach, tomato and sweet Bermuda onion. 300 calories

    • King’s Breakfast Special

      King’s Breakfast Special


      King’s Breakfast Special Two eggs your way topped with American cheese, home fries, toasted butter bagel and coffee  No Substitutions

    • Prince Casey

      Prince Casey


      One egg "Your Way" with a toasted butter bagel.

    • New Breakfast Special

      New Breakfast Special


      One egg omelet sandwich stuffed with tomato, grilled onions, green peppers and American cheese on top, with your choice of bagel.

    • Princess Desirae

      Princess Desirae


      Two slices of thick and fluffy egg bread (challah) French toast topped with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and served with maple syrup.

    • P90X Bryan’s Special

      P90X Bryan’s Special


      Three egg whites omelet stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, onions and chicken, served with ripe tomato slices.

    • Andy’s Special

      Andy’s Special


      Two eggs and cheese sandwich in a closed face toasted bage. With your choice of sliced turkey, turkey ham, turkey sausage, smoked applewood bacon, grilled pastrami or gyro meant. 

      Light meat $4.99 Regular meat $5.99

    • Frank’s Special

      Frank’s Special


      A combination of two eggs your way, with home fries, American cheese, layered and stacked with tomatoes, served with a toasted buttered bagel. Served with a layer of corned beef hash. $8.99

    • Sunny Rachael’s Special

      Sunny Rachael’s Special


      Crispy corned beef hash topped with American cheese, sunny side up eggs and a toasted buttered bagel.

    • Fresh Fish Fantasies

      Fresh Fish Fantasies


      Includes your choice of bagel with either fresh sliced salty belly lox or Nova (non-salty salmon). Includes romaine, tomatoes, sweet Bermuda onions, capers and cream cheese. All toppings served on side. (Add flavored cream cheese schmear to your bagel for 1.00)

    • Odd’s Morning After

      Odd’s Morning After


      1/2 of a Frank special with one egg your way, one piece of fluffy “challah” french toast, plus toasted butter bagel of your choice. Add corned beef hash $8.99

    • Tina’s Special


      Two eggs your way with choice of four strips of grilled N.Y. style pastrami or turkey sausage or smoked applewood bacon or gyro meat and a toasted buttered bagel.

    • Breakfast Burrito Special


      Burrito stuffed with eggs, hash browns, turkey sausage, cheddar cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes served with sour cream and salsa.

    • NEO


      Two scrambled eggs cooked with sautéed onions and smoked salmon nova. Includes a toasted buttered bagel.

    • Greek Omelet


      Three egg omelets stuffed with gyro meat, onions, spinach, feta cheese and tomatoes. Includes a toasted buttered bagel.

    • King Says "Let us make it your way!" Omelet


      Two eggs your way $4.49

      Three eggs your way $4.99

      Tomatoes $.35

      Mushrooms $.35

      Onions $.35

      Spinach $.35

      Potatoes $.35

      Green Peppers $.35

      Cream Cheese $.49

      Flavored Cream Cheese $.99

      Egg Whites $.99

      Gyro Meat $1.49

      Swiss, Provolone, Feta, Cheddar $.49

      Applewood Bacon $1.49

      Turkey Sausage $1.49

      Turkey Ham $1.49

      Fresh Sliced Nova $3.99

      Lean First Cut Pastrami $1.99

      Lean First Cut Corned Beef $1.99

    • The Carbless Greek Chicken Skinny


      Chicken, mushroom, spinach, feta, tomatoes, Bermuda onions all grilled to perfection served with tomato slice. 300 calories

    • Carbless Reuben Skinny


      Your choice of lean corned beef, spiced pastrami, oven roasted turkey or grilled chicken topped with sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, mustard, Swiss and provolone cheese served with tomato slice