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Bagels vs. Donuts

Bagels and donuts have had their differences over the years…there’s been a big debate over which is better and honestly this is a touch call. I’ve always been a  doughnut fan but found that as I grew older I fell away from the sweet little treat and have actually started eating a lot more bagels… […]

Bagels: A Brief History

Bagels have been around for quite awhile and since then there have been a wide variety of different flavors, toppings, and other additions that you can add to these things and safe to say bagels have come a long way over the past hundred or so years since they were first introduced. In fact, bagels […]

5 Healthy Ways to Eat Your Bagels

Bagels are a common choice for everyone and in my opinion this is something that not nearly enough people are getting to experience. With all the flavors and textures that you can get with bagels I don’t know why people even buy bread! I mean they’ve got all the different flavor bagels not to mention the […]

Homemade Bagel Recipe

Making your own bagels is a process that is actually a lot easier than you might think…Although it’s tough to beat our kettle baked process if you can’t get enough bagel action at our store then you can choose to make them on your own time at your house! I included a really simple “how-to” […]

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The New Bagel King Website

The new website has launched! Check back with us soon for more updates and information.