The bagel is something that has been around forever. This is a staple that has been a necessity in the lives of thousands and thousand of citizens across the world…

…I think there’s some great things that can be said about the bagel and making this a part of your everyday life but the most important thing is to make sure that you’ve found a place that fits in with YOUR lifestyle.

There are a ton of great bagel shoppes already out there I think that you just need to go around and explore a little bit and of course don’t forget Bagel King. We’ve got a great selection of different locations across the Orlando area and no matter what section of the city you’re in…you’re sure to see a Bagel King somewhere close by.

Even if you’re not a big bagel fan we’ve got great danish and coffee specials going on right now for the month of November and I really think this is the perfect time to start getting outdoors and enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.

Follow along and in today’s article I’ll be going into some different ways you can make this delectable little treat a part of your weekly routine…

Making the Bagel a Part of Your Lifestyle

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="374" class=" zemanta-img"]A plate of vesirinkeli. A plate of vesirinkeli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]

The thing about eating bagels is that it’s an experience. Just walking in the doors and smelling that aromatic waft of bakery goodness is sure to make even the most reserved bagel-goer a converted customer.

I think this comes from my personal bias but I’m always out looking for new and exciting bagel shoppes and making this an everyday part of your life is something that I really think more people should be doing.

The thing about eating bagels is that you really need to have an experience with it. This is more than just some dough on a cookie sheet this is a BAGEL you’re talking about!

If you’re not enjoying yourself and you’re just running in and out to grab something to eat then it’s just not going to be the same and the great thing about places like Bagel King is that once you step in you know you’re where you need to be…

…We’ve got a great selection of bakery items and once you step in our doors I know this is something that you’ll want to start making a habit of. There are a ton of great things you can do with your day after walking out and getting some fresh air, you could bring your friends along and make it an adventure or maybe just go and explore the rest of the city and see where the wind takes you.

Whatever it is you’re doing this is really going to give you a great little weekly routine to start getting into and I really think that if you’ve been looking for a nice little routine or activity to get out out of the house and start doing things again then this is going to be a great way to do it…

…Like I said this is really going to be up to YOU and your current situation. I know that for me I don’t live that close to any bagel shoppes so I have to ride my bike whenever I want one but let me tell you this is completely worth it because there are just so many different things I can do once I’m outside and moving around that oftentimes I begin to wonder what I would have ever done to begin with!

Getting outside is important. Staying active is important.

This is where “bageling” comes in and is something that I will probably continue to do for the rest of my life…

Getting Outdoors

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="315" class=" zemanta-img"]English: A pseudo-bagel from "Guangzhou N... A pseudo-bagel from “Guangzhou Nur Bostani Muslim Restaurant”, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]

Getting outdoors is something everyone knows to do but did you really know how much you benefit from doing things like this? There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that getting outside and getting fresh air is a HUGE factor is staying healthy and this is just one more reasons to get outside and start participating in stuff like this.

Not only are you getting outdoors and moving around a little bit you’re also enjoying the fresh air and getting all that fresh oxygen to your brain. This is important.

Now for some of us this just isn’t an option but if you’re enjoying this beautiful Fall weather like I am right now you’ll see that even sitting outdoors and enjoying the breeze can be something to marvel about.

Grab a coffee and take it to go! Bagel King has a ton of great drinks and beverages for the whole family and is PERFECT for this chilly weather! Stop by and see what we can do for you!

Putting It All Together

At the end of the day this is something that everyone should be doing. There is a ton of great stuff you can learn about just getting outside and enjoying the weather and this is something that I think everyone can benefit from.

If you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house or just want to enjoy this great weather we’ve been having then I really think this is something that you’re going to want to take part in. We’ve got some great November specials and we really think that you’re going to want to stop by and test them out…

…If you’ve got any questions please feel free to leave them below and I’d be more than happy to take a look at whatever it is you’re having trouble with…until next time!